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A useful option if you only require information on certain aspects of a business’s credit history. Realizing a huge void in the marketplace for truckside advertising and that no acceptable system existed to place changeable truck graphics on the sides of trailers, they founded Epic Worldwide with Shelley assuming the duties as President and Marvin as CEO.

Since our program focuses on advertising within the realm of marketing communications, you will gain both theoretical and hands-on skills to help brands get noticed, including real world projects to add to your portfolio so you walk into every job interview well-equipped to showcase your talent and potential.

Advertising isn’t just about coming up with a new ad campaign for a Fortune 500 company, it’s also about being able to communicate with multiple audiences in all marketing avenues, including social networks, online advertising and all digital engagements.

Before enrolling in any online advertising degree program, we recommend that students look closely over the curriculum and select programs that require them to complete internships and/or portfolios before graduation, as this will best set up students to succeed in the industry.

This diversified group, PLAN B has very recently in May 2015, launched a huge music property in Dubai called the OYE PUNJABI SANGEET MELA which featured the Punjabi legend Gurdas Maan and the Gen next musician Rani Taj who is the leading Dhol player from UK. The event was held at the Emirates Golf Club and welcomed a capacity crowd.

Typical graduate destinations for Advertising and Branding Design students include: various roles within arts and the creative industries magazine and book publishing, multi-media/web design, animation, television and video, advertising, public or community arts participation, design consultancies, museum and exhibition work, arts education and freelance creative practice, teaching.

Sophisticated marketing mix modeling is one way to measure these advertising effects on sales, but it often takes millions of dollars and years of effort, and it requires the building of pristine databases of sales information along with all of the marketing-input variables.

Established in 1990 and evolving in tandem with industry developments and new and emerging technologies, the BSc Hons Communication, Advertising and Marketing degree uniquely combines the study of advertising and marketing within a School of Communication.

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