Advertising Board Certifications

Specialty Board Advertising

The advertising board is an economical and effective way to communicate with your potential customers. People surf the web on all types of different devices nowadays, so make sure that your layout allows for the wide variety of different user experiences by keeping the most essential parts of your message (i.e. the logo, headline, call to action and the supporting visual) in the center top of the screen.

Not only can we manage the aspects of your online marketing campaign that help to draw people to your website (Google AdWords, search engine optimisation, etc.), but we can also help your business provide the exemplary web experience that will keep those people around and turn them into repeat customers.

The dynamic PLAN B Group instrumental in shaping the creative media Landscape of Dubai & UAE has been involved in the management of some of the UAE’s biggest public events, and creative campaigns including Summer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Rugby 7s, the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, Fifa U17 Draw Ceremony in addition to launching some of the world’s finest brands including the Bentley – New Flying Spur.

It is important to take note of new and developing trends in the advertising business because, not only does it highlight the type of ads used by your competitors, but it also illustrates those features of which viewers find appealing at a certain point in time.

That 20 percent represents your best customer, and your job is to determine who that 20 percent is. Evaluate your customers and put together a demographic profile of your most valuable customer, so you can advertise in the best places to find similar people who are likely prospects.

Advertising agency J Walter Thompson has launched its global digital agency network ‘Mirum’ in India which will provide services such as strategy and consulting services, campaigns and content, experience and platforms, analytics and innovation and product development, with the target to increase non-traditional media revenues to 40-45 per cent from 35 per cent currently.

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