About Me

Pretty much the only reason I created an page was to get free customized business cards printed by Moo. Axis Bank voted for Most Trusted Private Sector Bank in the country in the Most Trusted Brands survey 2013 by Brand Equity. Since then there has been no looking back and the bank has become one of the strongest and most stable banks in the country. Since it is not owned by Government of India or its agencies more than 50% it is a private bank. We’ve had a change in status, came across this article (which was shared in a travel blogging group) at the right time – took a few ideas from the article (and your own About Me page) to spruce ours up.

A great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd is to have a truly unique about page. Now, it’s okay to include some random, relatable bits of info into this page — in fact, I’d encourage it! At the same time, we will always stay in touch with our heritage and enduring relationships on which our bank is founded.

I just happened on this post again via social media, and I just wanted to jump in and thank you for publishing it. I actually used it to help structure my About Me page on my blog. This is how you can turn your page into a hub in your hub and spoke personal brand system. IDBI Bank is the youngest, new generation, public sector universal bank that rides on a cutting edge core banking Information Technology platform.

Others, however, have truly taken the time to treat their about page as if it were important as the home page. Pricing and availability of all Content displayed on Google Play are subject to change at any time before you click the button indicating that you want to purchase Content. Join the workforce of India’s leading private sector bank that has won accolades from top national and international magazines, and explore a world of opportunities. Crafting an A+ About Page requires more than throwing up a bio about yourself and adding an iPhone photo of your face. I get around 50 questions every single day, and I do my best to respond to them on the same day.